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Friday, February 4, 2011

Joshua Mitzen NCG

Organization Name: Advocacy Guardianship Services
800 Bronx  Suite 203
  Skokie, Illinois  60077  United States



Email Address:

Membership: Individual


Anonymous said...

He has the "National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers" listed on his site and he's not a member of that organization.

Anonymous said...

Predatory guardianships:

03 P 5000 - Beatrice Planekowsky
03 P 7122 - Theodore Hill
03 P 9802 - Patricia Fountain
04 P 4159 - Norma Levitzke
04 P 8182 - Lucille Glickman
05 P 4049 - Thomas Flynn
05 P 5768 - Gilda Hansen
07 P 3179 - Marvin Greenbaum
08 P 4029 - Shirlee Gale
08 P 8180 - Joseph Ziarnik
09 P 9120 - Roy Gundersen

Tami Goldmann said...

Josh finally took down the fact that he's no longer a member of the National Association of Profesional Geriatric Care Managers. I just read his website and I found more misleading information. He says that he gives "expert assessments and reports" and I have several dozen documents he submitted to the court. Before you consider hiring him, you can contact me and I will give you several examples of his "expert" reports. They're public record. It's a couple of paragraphs and there's nothing expert about them. I have nieces in middle school that can submit something more professionally written.

Josh Mitzen said...

The internet is wonderful, except that anyone can post things and hide behind their false words. Ms. Goldmann appears to be severely Mentally Ill and had to be evicted from a Senior's home, a request made by the Senior himself, with his decision being ratified by the guardian ad litem, judge and his Elder Law attorney. And since then he's thrived with amazing care.

I've been a private guardian since 2003 and get referrals from State agencies and the top Elder Law Attorneys. I chose to stop my membership with NAPGCM since I disagreed with some of their policies, but am a proud member of the National Guardianship Association and am a National Certified Guardian. I can provide numerous references upon request.

Anonymous said...

My experience with Josh was a nightmare. I cannot give specifics because that would easily identify me, but I am a family member of one of his victims. He claims to be a social worker, but has had no education or training. Arrogant, lazy, delusional in his belief that he always knows what is best for his clients and family members know nothing....Forgetful, careless, almost illiterate in his writing and paperwork, selfish, vengeful.... KEEP YOUR LOVED ONES AWAY FROM HIM!!!

Anonymous said...

I am a healthcare professional who has watched Josh for years. He won't even take doctors orders into consideration when making decisions in regard to his clients health. I am remaining anonymous because I want to continue to watch him but will come forward. We all will.

Anonymous said...

This guy forced himself on my aunt and trapped her into guardianship. The court hearing was a sham! Filled with LIES! He said there was abuse, neglect, financial exploitation and was awarded custody on these lies! Then MY AUNT paid Josh to abuse neglect and financially exploit her! She never wanted him in her life.

I can’t believe he would try to publish a comment boasting about how he traps clients! We ALL need to get together and file a complaint.

Anonymous said...

To be fair to Josh Mitzen, I would have to say that he can be very charming and congenial. He did some very kind and thoughtful things for my family member, and even had a couple of helpful ideas. I think he sincerely believes that he does a good job for his clients/wards. But he is mostly incompetent, and has a very inflated idea of his skills and knowledge. He thinks he knows more than the health professionals and ignores their evaluations and advice. Josh can get very angry if a family member or even a healthcare professional disagrees seriously with him and fights his (Josh's) plans. When this happens, Josh loses all perspective and moderation, and fights to maintain control. It's not about the client anymore, or what is for the client's benefit. It's only about Josh and his desperate, immature psychological need to be in control, to be the boss. Josh's emotions override his professionalism, and become his primary motivator. Because Josh wants to see himself as a good guardian, he will delude himself into thinking that he is working for his client's benefit, when, in reality, he is choosing whatever course of action will most satisfy Josh's own emotional needs. This makes Josh a very dangerous caretaker for his helpless,vulnerable clients, because Josh has so little insight into what impels his own decisions and actions. I believe that Josh feels genuine affection for at least some of his clients. But he cares for them as though they were pets, rather than human beings. Instead of really getting to know his clients, finding out and implementing what his clients really want, Josh projects his own feelings on to them, pretending to himself that his clients are really happy with, and benefited by anything Josh decides for them. One of the scariest things about Josh is that he does not really listen to anybody who knows the client, not family members or caregivers or healthcare professionals, because Josh truly feels that his knowledge and intuition is superior to everybody else's.